How to hike Rio Verde (Istan) in Malaga to Charco del Canalón

Charco del Canalón Malaga

It’s one of those unbearably hot days but you’re too restless to go to the beach, or maybe you’re just in need of a change from the saltwater. What you need is a proper river walk where you stay cool all day, feet and legs constantly immersed in freshwater combined with frequent swimming. Head up […]

20 Best hikes in Andalucia: Southern Spain bucket list hikes

Best hiking Andalucia Spain

Hiking in Andalucia is definitely worthy your Spain bucket list! With a large variety of landscapes boasting coastal hikes like no others, rivers, ravines, waterfalls, and bare rugged 3000-meters peaks, it’s a wonderful destination for outdoor lovers! Having lived in the region for around 10 years and hiked in all 8 provinces, here are my […]

12 Easy hiking trails for beginners in Andalucia

Hiking trails for beginners

If you’re a new hiker you might not want to head out on the most technically challenging or the steepest and longest trails just yet. It’s always safe to start out with easy hikes that are well marked and don’t take too long. Lucky for you, Andalucia is full of great hiking trails for beginners. […]

How to hike Pico Torrecilla: Malaga’s biggest pride!

Pico Torrecilla Malaga

When asking any Malagueño (aka person from Malaga) what The mountain to climb is, there is only one answer to that, and it’s Pico Torrecilla (1919m) in Sierra de Las Nieves Natural Park. The second highest peak in Malaga after La Maroma (2066m) is still believed by many locals to be the highest in the […]

15 Amazing hikes in Malaga for your bucket list

Best hikes in Malaga

Malaga is one of the top places to go hiking in Andalucia with mountains overlooking the never-ending coastline, jaw-dropping canyons, curious wildlife, and seriously unforgiving peaks. There are endless hiking trails all over the coastal mountain ranges that range from easy to difficult, breathtaking, and fun. But the inland has numerous whitewashed villages that are […]

How to hike the historic Arabic Staircase – Escalera Arabe El Chorro

Arabic Staircase Malaga

If you’re looking for a unique hike for the whole family, the Escalera Arabe in El Chorro is the perfect place for you. In English, it means Arabic Staircase and has gotten its name from the ancient man-made steps you’ll ascent on the trail. Nobody knows exactly how old they are or why they were […]

The ultimate guide to hiking El Saltillo: Malaga’s rising star!

El Saltillo Malaga

El Saltillo trail first got its name on the map in October 2020 when it reopened after months of construction work on the trail. A new hanging bridge made El Saltillo, Malaga, one of Andalucia’s new highlights! Now, the earlier unknown trail has made the news as it boasts Spain’s third-longest suspension bridge of 54 […]

El Caminito del Rey Malaga: All you need to know to walk Spain’s most popular hike

El Caminito del Rey

Once known as the most dangerous hike in the world, El Caminito del Rey in Malaga was reopened in 2015 with a new, safe walkway pinned along the 100-meter tall vertical cliffside. It’s now accessible for anyone that can handle vertigo that follows along the jaw-dropping path. If you plan on going on a hiking […]