Guide to Hiking Sendero Rio Bailón From Zuheros, Cordoba

Cañon del Rio Bailón Sierra de Zuheros

If you are heading to the Sierras Subbéticas in Cordoba, there is one hike you should not miss out on. Sendero Rio Bailón from Zuheros. This incredible route climbs to the most epic views of the picturesque hilltop village of Zuheros and continues through the lush Cañon del Rio Bailón. Where almond blossoms contrast the […]

How to hike Rio Chillar Nerja, Malaga’s most popular river hike!

Rio Chillar Nerja

The Rio Chillar walk is one of the most popular hikes in Malaga during the summer months and definitely one you should add to your bucket list. If you have heard about the spectacular river hike of Rio Chillar Nerja, you might already know what to expect, but you’re looking for practical specs. I’ve got […]

Complete hiking guide to Chorreras de Balastar in Faraján, Malaga

Chorreras de Balastar

With two mesmerizing cascades rushing down a landscape that belongs in fairytales with endless views of green-coated mountains, and colorful butterflies flopping from one fruit tree to the next. Plums, figs, pomegranates, loquats, blackberries, and you name it. Followed by the river of Balastar, this route is ideal for hiking with dogs even in summer […]

How to hike Lavaderos de La Reina in Granada’s Sierra Nevada

Lavaderos de la Reina

Lavaderos de La Reina is arguably one of the most astounding hikes in Granada. Taking you across green meadows crisscrossed with glittering water making a heaven on earth to grazing cows. You’ll be left with that Sound of Music feeling accompanied by the cowbells and trickling water while insects chant intensively as they skip from […]

How to hike Sendero Molino del Corcho in Sierra Norte de Sevilla

Hiking Sendero Molino del Corcho Cazalla de la Sierra

Sierra Norte de Sevilla is one of the most underrated natural parks in Andalucia. Few travelers know that the region’s popular capital city hides a lush green oasis just an hour north of the city. One of many refreshing hikes is the Sendero Molino del Corcho trail. Following the glittering river through abundant greenery reflecting […]

How to hike Vereda de La Estrella, Granada: Most beautiful hike in Sierra Nevada

Vereda de la Estrella hike

Probably the most classical hike in Sierra Nevada is the mesmerizing Vereda de la Estrella. This path dates back to 1890 when it was built to connect Granada with the mines that you can still see the remains of on the trail. Back in the day, there was a rail connection for easier transportation, though […]

How to hike Caldera de Majada Redonda in Cabo de Gata

Hike Caldera de Majada Redonda Almeria

Cabo de Cata-Níjar Natural Park is one of the most unique natural spaces in Spain. With a vast desert area dominated by volcanic remains from the eruptions that took place millions of years ago. Though there are no dominating volcanoes on the peninsula, there are extinct volcanoes and calderas remaining. Caldera de Majada Redonda is […]