How to hike Rio Verde (Istan) in Malaga to Charco del Canalón

Charco del Canalón Malaga

It’s one of those unbearably hot days but you’re too restless to go to the beach, or maybe you’re just in need of a change from the saltwater. What you need is a proper river walk where you stay cool all day, feet and legs constantly immersed in freshwater combined with frequent swimming. Head up […]

How to hike Pico Torrecilla: Malaga’s biggest pride!

Pico Torrecilla Malaga

When asking any Malagueño (aka person from Malaga) what The mountain to climb is, there is only one answer to that, and it’s Pico Torrecilla (1919m) in Sierra de Las Nieves Natural Park. The second highest peak in Malaga after La Maroma (2066m) is still believed by many locals to be the highest in the […]