How to hike Sendero Repilado to Los Romeros in Sierra de Aracena, Huelva

Hike Repilado to Los Romeros Sierra de Aracena Huelva

If you’re up for an easy river walk with small cascades through the lush, green forest, you’ll love the hike from Repilado to Los Romeros in Sierra de Aracena, Huelva’s most astounding natural park. This is the perfect family hike and a great hike for beginners, that can be done all year round. It’s not […]

21 Best hikes in Andalucia: Southern Spain bucket list hikes

Best hiking Andalucia Spain

Hiking in Andalucia is definitely worthy of your Spain bucket list! With a large variety of landscapes boasting coastal hikes like no other, rivers, ravines, waterfalls, and bare rugged 3000-meters peaks, it’s a wonderful destination for outdoor lovers! Having lived in the region for over 10 years and hiked in all 8 provinces, here are […]

Complete guide to hike Bonales: Huelva’s highest mountain

Hike Bonales techo de Huelva

Huelva isn’t exactly famous for high, challenging peaks. It’s actually to the point that you’ll be warned about an extremely long and steep uphill when it’s nothing worse than walking the hill from my local supermarket. This means that hiking to the top of Huelva is a fairly easy challenge that anyone can take on. […]