17 Best hikes in Andalucia: Southern Spain bucket list hikes

Best hiking Andalucia Spain

Hiking in Andalucia is definitely worthy your Spain bucket list! With a large variety of landscapes boasting coastal hikes like no others, rivers, ravines, waterfalls, and bare rugged 3000-meters peaks, it’s a wonderful destination for outdoor lovers! Having lived in the region for around 10 years and hiked in all 8 provinces, here are my […]

12 Easy hiking trails for beginners in Andalucia

Hiking trails for beginners

If you’re a new hiker you might not want to head out on the most technically challenging or the steepest and longest trails just yet. It’s always safe to start out with easy hikes that are well marked and don’t take too long. Lucky for you, Andalucia is full of great hiking trails for beginners. […]

Complete guide to hiking Pico El Terril: Seville’s highest mountain

Hiking Pico Terril Seville

While Seville isn’t the most renowned destination for hiking, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have mountains. The highest mountain in the province is Pico El Terril in Sierra del Tablón, and it’s a must to climb! This remote corner of Seville is actually only a few minutes from the border to Malaga and Cadiz […]