El Caminito del Rey Malaga: All you need to know to walk Spain’s most popular hike

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Once known as the most dangerous hike in the world, El Caminito del Rey in Malaga was reopened in 2015 with a new, safe walkway pinned along the 100-meter tall vertical cliffside.

It’s now accessible for anyone that can handle vertigo that follows along the jaw-dropping path. If you plan on going on a hiking date to Caminito del Rey, make sure you ask if your date has vertigo before booking so you don’t make it a nightmare of a first date.

The breathtaking Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes gorge is truly worth pushing your boundaries. Since the two-hour hike is mostly flat, this is something that people of any fitness level to complete. I’ve actually listed it as one of the best beginner hikes in Andalucia here.

In this post, I’ll give you all the information you need to walk Caminito del Rey, from getting tickets, where to park, and what to consider before you go.

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Caminito del Rey - Andalucia Hiking

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Practical information

  • Province: Malaga
  • Gorge: Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes
  • Length: 7,7 km
  • Time: 2 hrs walking (3,5-4 hrs loop incl bus ride)
  • Route: Linear
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Entrance fee: 10/18 Euros (has to be booked in advance)
  • Hiking with dogs: It’s not allowed to hike with dogs on the Caminito del Rey
Views behind you to the first boardwalk - Caminito del Rey Malaga
Views behind you to the first boardwalk

How to book tickets for Caminito del Rey Malaga

You need to book tickets to El Caminito del Rey in advance and bring a printed copy of the ticket to the control cabin before you can access the hike.

You can either book a general ticket which includes entrance and a mandatory helmet for 10 Euros or a guided tour including the mandatory helmet for 18 Euros. Guides speak English and Spanish.

You can buy tickets here.

Alternatively, you can book a private tour where the guide will meet you at El Kiosko Restaurant.


El caminito del Rey Spain
The old path under the new path

How to get to El Caminito del Rey

The absolute best way to get to El Caminito del Rey is by car. Still, it’s easy to get there by train, and possible to make it by bus from Malaga. Here is everything you need to know to get from Malaga to El Caminito del Rey by public transport and other destinations by car.

Train to Caminito del Rey

You can take the train to El Chorro, which is where the Caminito del Rey trail finishes. As you get off the train, there are buses leaving every 30 minutes for the El Kiosko Restaurant where you have to start the walk.

From Malaga, you can take the train from Malaga Maria Zambrano train station. Check tickets and prices with Renfe here.

Alternatively, you can take the train from Granada or Seville to Antequera-Santa Ana and change trains there to El Chorro (22 min). Coming from anywhere but Malaga, Antequera, or any stop on the Malaga-El Chorro train route, it’s highly recommended to drive a car to get there.

Bus to El Caminito del Rey

You can also get to El Caminito del Rey by bus from Alora or Malaga. From Malaga, take the bus to Alora and then change there to reach El Chorro.

You can check bus times from Malaga here. The travel time is about an hour. Check bus times from Alora to El Chorro here. The travel time is nearly half an hour.

If you can avoid it, I don’t recommend you to take the bus from Malaga as it’s more hassle than the train. However, if you’re staying in Alora and don’t have a car, it’s a good option.

Driving to Caminito del Rey

Driving to Caminito del Rey is the easiest way to get there. Though the trains are frequent, they stop on the end of the hike and you have to plan enough time to reach the control cabin in time.

When driving, on the other hand, you can get straight to the entrance by El Kiosko Restaurant and take the shuttle bus back when you are finished hiking.

You can put “El Kiosko Restaurant Ardales” into the GPS and it will easily get you there. Just make sure it’s in Ardales/El Chorro when you choose in the GPS as there are other restaurants by the same name in other places in Andalucia.

Approximate driving time to El Kiosko Restaurant from the following cities:

  • Malaga: 1 hr
  • Nerja: 1 hr 30 min
  • Ronda: 50 min
  • Granada: 1 hr 30 min
  • Cordoba: 1 hr 40 min
  • Seville: 1 hr 45 min

Want more spectacular hiking along suspension bridges but for free? Check out the lesser-known El Saltillo trail from Canillas de Aceituno in Malaga!

Parking Caminito del Rey

There is parking both in El Chorro and by El Kiosko Restaurant. As mentioned above, I do recommend parking at the latter, so that you can start walking straight to the control cabin.

If it’s full just in front of El Kiosko Restaurant, there are a few parking spots and places to park along the road (all wheels outside the road!) turning back towards El Chorro along the lakes.

The parking in El Chorro is at the left just before driving up to the train station. You’ll see it in front of you right after the turn from the bridge.

Parking in the summer months can be difficult, especially on weekends when people from all over Andalucia come to enjoy the lakes.

Bus back to the parking

There is a shuttle bus service driving the 9,5 km between El Kiosko Restaurant and El Chorro train station. It costs 1,55 Euros that you can pay cash on the bus unless you’ve bought a combined ticket.

The bus leaves every 30 minutes, so if you come by train and need to take the bus to the start of the trail, you should aim to take a train that gets to El Chorro at least 1,5-2 hours before your entrance time.

If you come by car, I recommend that you park by El Kiosko and take the bus back. This way you don’t have to stress.

Buses tend to fill up from El Chorro, not only with people from the train starting the route but also with those who have finished the route and are heading back for their car.

If you don’t get space on the bus, you have to wait another 30 minutes for the next one.

How to reach the control cabin from El Kiosko Restaurant

From El Kiosko Restaurant you can choose between two different routes to get to the control cabin. One takes 50 minutes and the other takes 20 minutes. You need to be at the control cabin at least 15-30 minutes before your entrance time.

You have to show your printed ticket and they will give you a helmet which is mandatory to wear. They will also give you a safety brief in English or in Spanish.

The control cabin at the trailhead of Caminito del Rey
The control cabin at the start of Caminito del Rey

The 50-minute walk starts from El Kiosko Restaurant and under the wide tunnel on the right side of the restaurant (the side where the toilets are.) After walking through the tunnel keep right and follow the path until you reach the control cabin. There will be signs to El Caminito del Rey.

El Kiosko Restaurant
El Kiosko Restaurant and the tunnel that leads to the long route to Caminito del Rey control cabin

The 20-minute walk starts from a smaller tunnel 200 meters from El Kiosko Restaurant. Walk down on the left side of the road direction El Chorro (with El Kiosko on your left behind you and the lake on your right) until you see the tunnel on your left. This tunnel is signposted El Caminito del Rey. Once you’ve walked through the tunnel, turn right and follow that path until you get to the control cabin.

Small tunnel to Caminito del Rey trailhead 200 meters fro El Kiosko Restaurant
Small tunnel to Caminito del Rey trailhead 200 meters from El Kiosko Restaurant

When is the best time to hike El Caminito del Rey

You can easily hike El Caminito del Rey all year round, but if you can avoid the hottest months of July to mid-September, I recommend moving your dates. Though large parts of the trail are in the shade, it can be scorching hot, and there are no places to go for a swim during the walk.

The rest of the year has great temperatures for walking, you just need to dress accordingly. Early winter mornings especially, can get frosty.

The end of Caminito del Rey boardwalk coming out from the gorge
The end of Caminito del Rey boardwalk coming out from the gorge

What to bring

When you hike El Caminito del Rey you’re not allowed big backpacks, so a small day pack will do with water and layers of clothes if you go in the colder seasons.

Note that selfie sticks are NOT allowed on Caminito del Rey, neither are hiking poles.

The walk is only a couple of hours and there are only places to stop to have a snack once you pass the first boardwalk. If you go in the warmer months, you can combine your hike with a swim at the lakes afterward, where you can have a picnic.

As an alternative, it’s a good option to either eat at El Kiosko Restaurant or at any restaurant or bar in El Chorro, where the trail ends.

Remember to bring cash for your bus ticket, 1,55 Euros.

Caminito del Rey bridge
The hanging bridge at the end of the walk

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Where to stay when hiking El Caminito del Rey

When hiking El Caminito del Rey, it’s absolutely best to stay in El Chorro or Ardales. There is a campground right at the lakes too which is fairly close to El Kiosko Restaurant.

But if you’re staying farther away, Malaga is the best option for anyone that doesn’t have access to a car. Here are a few options for accommodation.

Where to stay in El Chorro

Complejo Turístico La Garganta

Complejo Turístico La Garganta is a good hotel to stay in El Chorro with outdoor pool and it’s pet-friendly too in case you plan on doing more hikes in El Chorro with your furry friend.

The hotel has free parking but also airport shuttle if you don’t drive, which saves you the hassle of getting there.

Book here

Where to stay in Ardales

Apartamentos Parque Ardales

Apartamentos Parque Ardales has both apartments and a campground for tents and caravans. It’s situated right by El Chorro Lakes and only a few minute’s drive from El Kiosko Restaurant/the start of the trail to the control cabin. You can also walk there in about 20 minutes so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Book here

Hostal Restaurante El Cruce

This is a nice apartment hotel in Ardales with parking and it’s only a 15 minute drive to El Kiosko Restaurant. They do offer airport shuttle too, so if you don’t drive, you have the option to get the bus to El Caminito del Rey. Walking El Kiosko Restaurant would be around 1 hr 45 min.

Book here

Where to stay in Malaga

Eurostars Astoria

This wonderful hotel is situated only 500 meters from Malaga Maria Zambrano train station so it’s perfect if you don’t drive. Yet, in case you do, they have parking too. It’s centrally in Malaga city close to all the top attractions.

Book here

Hiking El Caminito del Rey

Hiking El Caminito del Rey is one of the best things to do in Andalucia and a true Spain bucket-list hike. Walking the trail is not challenging unless you have vertigo – though that will be for different reasons, as it’s mostly flat.

Before you start the hike, you’ll get your helmet and you’ll be instructed about safety guidelines along the hike.

Starting at the control cabin, you’ll first walk down by the old hydroelectric plant before you get onto the first boardwalk section hanging onto the wall of the narrow gorge. Clear, glittering water below you and floating vultures above you.

Smaller packs of birds playing inside the gorge throwing themselves down head first, before they rise high and settle on a shelf on the opposite gorge wall.

The walk takes you through a short tunnel just to continue along the gorge wall on the other side. Eventually, the gorge opens up wider and you’ll get onto a forest trail for a while before reaching the second boardwalk.

Hanging high, you can see the original path under the one you’re walking on. Realizing the state of that should make you feel pretty safe. Towards the end, where you see the famous bridge, there’s a great section where you really get a peek of how the old path looked like as you have the wall in front of you.

Take a look at the other side of the gorge, there are windows showing the train line inside the mountain and maybe you’re lucky to catch the train as it drives through.

That wall is also popular among rock climbers and if you look carefully you might just spot one or two people hanging on the wall.

Just before the bridge, there is a glass balcony viewpoint and you can also see a huge fossil on the wall. The bridge is guarded to assure not too many people cross at the same time. Most visitors stop there and take a picture anyway, so there’s usually a queue.

After the bridge, there’s a short boardwalk left before getting onto solid ground for the last 10 minutes to the control center where you leave your helmet. Continue straight from here another 10-15 minutes and you’re at El Chorro train station where the shuttle bus goes if you need to return to El Kiosko Restaurant.

Hike Caminito del Rey
You can see the old path beneath the new one

Reflections on El Caminito del Rey hike

El Caminito del Rey hike is an experience that everyone should have at least once when in Andalucia. The grandeur of the gorge is incredible and it’s so narrow in places that you almost want to reach over to the other side. Despite being such a controlled hike with entrance fee and mandatory helmet, it’s absolutely worth the hassle for one of the most incredible hikes in Malaga.

However, hanging on the side of a cliff a hundred meters above the ground is not for everyone. And if your vertigo is strong, this might just not be worth it. You can’t turn around on this path, so if you go you go.

Other hiking trails in Malaga Province:

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  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and links of where to stay and go.
    I’m planning this one for 2025 and appreciate the info you’ve shared.

  2. Marcus says:

    Thanks for this really useful article. Do you think it’s OK just do do the shorter 20 minute walk to the control cabin, or is the longer 50 minute route really recommended?

    • Linn Haglund says:

      To be honest, I would personally go for the short route as the beauty of the hike is after the control cabin. But if you have time to kill and don’t want to sit at the restaurant, you might as well do the long route:) Happy hiking!

  3. Rakesh says:

    Is it necessary to have a guide? Is there anything extra they provide other than a history of the hike?

    • Linn Haglund says:

      Hi Rakesh, that completely depends on your preferences. Personally, I like to hike individually as I can read up on history online and I don’t like to walk in crowds. But other people prefer to get the information as they go and while they are on the site. The guide will most likely not provide more value than that. I hope this helps you make a desicion. Happy hiking!

  4. Linda says:

    Hi, I am scheduled to do this as part of a cruise port excursion with Silversea. My husband does not like height. Do you feel bouncing or does it seem safe and secure? I’m trying to convince him he can do this…. Thank you for the great article!

    • Linn Haglund says:

      Hi Linda, there is no bouncing feeling on the boardwalk itself as this is made of solid metal and wood. However, the hanging bridge at the end of the trail will bounce. I will say it completely depends on his level of vertigo. I was pretty bad when I hiked it the first time, but managed well without any major drama. The most “scary” part for me was what is the hanging bridge and the last bit after it along the cliff wall before you get to solid ground because this is a see-through metal path (the type with small squares that you can see through, not sure how to explain lol). My vertigo has become a lot better and the last times I have gone I didn’t have any vertigo. The rest of the trail is a mix between solid ground and paths pinned to the cliff wall on different levels of altitude. I hope this helps with making a decision. It’s a breathtaking walk that is so worth it if he handles it.

  5. Jan MacKay says:

    Hola! I’m a Canadian who’s all set with a ticket for October 10 and really appreciate your article! This is on my bucket list for sure. I have train tickets to and from Antequera-Malaga, but it seems the Antequera- El Chorro trains aren’t running in October.? Do you know if that’s a route that just opens up late, or if there are taxi options from Antequera to the Kiosk? Just wondering and thanks again for your very clear instructions to the short route tunnel.

    • Linn Haglund says:

      Hey Jan, You must be so excited about traveling to Spain! I am actually not sure about the train connection. The drive from the train station in Antequera (Santa Ana) to El Kiosko is about half an hour so you could be looking at something like 30-40 Euros in taxi (or more), but there should be taxis at the train station since it is so far from Antequera city. I wish you a lovely trip and an exciting hike!

  6. AnnMarie says:

    Hi, excellent review of the hike. Thank you! I have tried to book individual tickets for when I am visiting in October but only guided tour options are left. Do you know if it is possible to purchase a guided tour tickets and walk ahead of the tour? Not looking for a tour just to enjoy the views myself along the hike

    • Linn Haglund says:

      Hi Ann Marie, I’m sorry I’m probably getting back to you too late. But I’m actually not sure if you can go on an unguided hike when purchasing the guided ticket. However, I wouldn’t think there would be any problems telling your guide that you want to go solo. If you haven’t been yet, I wish you a lovely hike and if you already did it, I hope you got a good experience and that you were able to walk it by yourself.

    • Scott says:

      Hi! I’m in the same situation. Any clarification if you can buy the guided tour ticket (because the non-guided tickets are sold out) and just walk ahead of the tour? We’re on a time crunch. Thanks!

  7. Erica says:

    Thanks for information. We are travelling in a Campervan with a dog and would love to walk this together – would you know of any dog minders or doggie day care close by (unsure if something like this exists in Spain)?

    • Linn Haglund says:

      Hi, I totally feel you, it’s hard to do certain things together with a dog. There are dog hotels and day care places around, but I have never had to use one, so unfortunately I wouldn’t know. You could look into a portable aircon for the van, we will be getting one soon so that we can leave the dog in the van when we go out a couple of hours to see things together where she can’t come.

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