19 Best Hiking Gifts For Him: Get Him Something He Will Love

hiking gifts for men

Are you searching for the perfect hiking gift for him that strikes the right balance between unique and practical? If you’re struggling to find the right thing to get that outdoorsy man in your life, look no further and tell your worries to take a hike. I’ve leaned on my many years of trekking experience […]

17+ Epic Hiking Gifts for Her That She Will Actually Use!

best hiking gifts for her

Finding the perfect hiking gift for her isn’t always that easy. You want to make sure it’s something she will love and use. Luckily, there are a whole lot of excellent hiking gifts for her that you just can’t go wrong with. As an avid female hiker, I know exactly what we ladies will appreciate […]

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather (Updated for 2024)

What to wear hiking in hot weather

What to wear hiking in hot weather can vary from person to person. Depending on how easily you get a sunburn and whether you prefer wearing shorts and a tank top over full-coverage sleeves protecting against UV rays, mosquitos, and ticks. Luckily, there is a wide range of hiking clothes for hot weather to choose […]

8 Best leggings for hiking in 2024 + Buying guide

Best leggings for hiking

There’s nothing more fun than planning your next hiking trip or a big adventure up in the mountains! Hiking is an amazing activity taking you through breathtaking landscapes. It’s extremely important though, to have the right gear and the right clothes to make sure your experience is free of unnecessary discomfort. I particularly like to […]

Hiker Hunger trekking pole review: Excellent budget carbon fiber trekking poles

Hiker Hunger

If you’re looking for comfortable hiking poles for your adventures being it day hikes or shorter multi-day treks, but don’t want to break the bank, this post is for you. After testing out the Hiker Hunger carbon fiber trekking poles for quite a while now, I’ll share what I found positive and negative about them […]